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Could Chanda Kochhar have kept her job at ICICI Bank?

Chanda Kochhar has resigned from ICICI Bank, yet the events that led to her resignation, continue to cast a shadow over its Board. In a contrafactual analysis regarding the developments in the bank over the last few months, we ask if had the board had acted differently, would the outcome have been any different for Chanda. Read our blog by ‘Could Chanda Kochhar have kept her job at ICICI Bank?’ by clicking the link.

Board seats – a right or a privilege?

Recent instances of board members holding onto their seats against several odds has created a broader debate on whether being on a board is a right or a privilege. Directors fighting to stay on may have justifications for their actions, but they must ask if their fight to stay on the board is serving the company’s stakeholders. Board members have a fiduciary responsibility towards the company and its stakeholders. They hold trusteeship positions, ensuring that the agenda of all stakeholders are being addressed by building those into the long-term and short-term goals of the company. The past year has seen some board members fight to stay in the seat. One could argue that there is a legitimat

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