INSTITUTIONAL EYE For each one, lose one 18 Aug, 2021

The prime minister in his independence day speech spoke of ‘Amrit Kaal’ where the goal is to build an India in which the government does not interfere unnecessarily in the lives of its citizens.

How do we put ‘Amrit Kaal’ within reach?

Each agency should have a regulations dashboard on its home page, displaying the number of laws, orders, rules, guidelines, and circulars that have been issued and list the data that needs to be filed with it, including filing periodicity. If we need to ease doing business and minimize the role of government, success should be measured not in not allowing this number to go up, but in ensuring it comes down. better still in reducing this number. This is a tangible measure – if not gamed by combing regulations. A practical starting point is removing one regulation for each new one introduced. Each ministry, department or agency should have a senior officer tasked with such scrubbing.

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