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February 24, 2020

Indian regulators - SEBI, PFRDA and IRDAI, have all   mandated stewardship, and this is a welcome step. But in having each regulator requiring this, we have a fragmented stewardship. The regulators need to work together and have one stewardship code for India. Investor...

January 17, 2020

Discussions on corporate governance that were met with roll of eyes at the start of the decade, now dominate media headlines. While a lot can – and will change in the next ten years, some trends that that will play out and how the governance landscape might change, are...

October 4, 2017

Earlier this year IRDA asked insurance companies to roll out their Stewardship policies by 30 September. In the month that most insurance companies uploaded their stewardship codes on their websites, The Vanguard Group published its Annual Stewardship Report. This repo...

March 24, 2017

IRDA’s announcement1 earlier this week of a mandatory stewardship code for insurers will further strengthen markets. Insurance companies, one of the largest market participants, will be compelled to vote on shareholder resolutions and engage with companies to address g...

January 2, 2017

The thrust of regulations and public norms is pushing companies to embrace best governance practices. This will help them fulfil their responsibilities to the stakeholder - employees, suppliers, distributors, customers, the (local) community and shareholders. But what...

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