INSTITUTIONAL EYE INSIDE THE BOARDROOM: How behaviour trumps rationality 27 Sep, 2023

This book is about human behaviour. The title suggests that the examples are set in corporates and company boardrooms. That is only partly true. The narrative applies to sports bodies, NGOs, public bodies and any group of people tasked to lead an organization (- due to the background of both authors, the context of this book has been set in the company boardroom). In this blog, the R Gopalakrishnan and Tulsi Jayakumar, the authors, daringly suggest that directors are not entirely rational.

R Gopalakrishnan is a former executive with vast experience of thirty-seven years as a Board Director in over twenty companies in India, Sri Lanka, UK, and Middle East.

Dr Tulsi Jayakumar is a distinguished academic at the Bhavan’s SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, where she chairs the Family Managed Business Centre.

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