Voting Advisory
IiAS is a SEBI registered research entity (Proxy advisor registration no. INH000000024).

We currently provide voting recommendations on shareholder resolutions for more than 650 companies, including all SENSEX and NIFTY companies, BSE 200, NIFTY 200 companies, NIFTY midcap 50, F&O stocks and companies in which institutional shareholding is above 30% (view full coverage list).

Before finalizing the recommendations, IiAS conducts an in-depth analysis of all critical governance metrics. In order to maintain objectivty and consistency, our assessment is structured around our Voting Guidelines, which are published in our website for reference and comparability.
The reports prepared by our team of analysts are subjected to a thorough scrutiny by our Review and Oversight Committee (ROC). The ROC, which comprises of senior members of the IiAS team, is responsible for setting and maintaining quality standards of IiAS’ proxy reports. For more details on the functioning of the ROC, please refer to the uploaded policy document.
Our analytical team is well versed with the nuances of local market laws and regulations. In addition, the team is encouraged to delve into the historical background of the company and its senior management in order to apply their bounded judgement before taking a final voting call.
IiAS is fiercely independent. We do not provide consulting services to the companies we cover. None of the members of our executive team hold directorships in any other listed company. This guards us against any potential conflicts of interest and ensures objectivity and independence of our analysis.

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