IiAS Voting Guidelines
IiAS is a SEBI registered entity (Proxy advisor registration no. INH000000024).

IiAS' recommendations are guided by the IiAS Voting Guidelines. This policy publication lists the various agenda items on which shareholders are asked to vote, the relevant regulations, the disclosures that IiAS will review, and how IiAS will typically recommend voting on these. The voting policy also factors in data from ADRIAN (www.iiasadrian.com), IiAS’ proprietary tool that captures how shareholders vote and their voting rationale. The policy is updated for regulatory changes. It is scrutinized periodically and IiAS occasionally seeks market feedback through its ‘Request for comments.’ While market participants can provide comments by writing to IiAS, IiAS also meets with companies, investors and other market intermediaries to obtain feedback.​The list below provides a summary view of the IiAS Voting Guidelines. For the detailed version, please click on the report cover.

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