Our deep-dive into governance and ESG

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17 June 2021 CIO Dialogue with Proxy Advisors

Proxy Advisors: Drivers of better governance practices

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11 June 2021 Board Skills in India

Board Skills in India - Disclosure and Practices 2019-20

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10 June 2021 Board Evaluation in India

Board Evaluation in India - Disclosures and Practices 2019-20

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14 May 2021 CIO Dialogue With Index Providers

Indices: There is one for all.
Charles Dow created the first index in 1896. Since then, creating and providing indices has become a big business - and a fiercely competitive one at that. From being mere information providers today, indices such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500, FTSE 100, MSCI, NIFTY and SENSEX are among the best-known brands in financial markets.

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14 May 2021 Indian Boards: Structure and Breadth

13 May2021: It its recent report ‘Indian Boards: Structure and Breadth’, IiAS has evaluated the board composition of NIFTY 500 companies as on 31 December 2020.

These 500 companies account for ~96% of the total market capitalization of the NSE.

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07 May 2021 Put a number on Corporate Governance

Welcome to the fifth report on the Indian Corporate Governance Scores. The scores are based on the Indian Corporate Governance Scorecard, developed jointly by the BSE Limited, the International FinanceCorporation (IFC), and Institutional Investor Advisory Services India Limited (IiAS).

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31 March 2021 An everyday guide to ESG

Handy definitions of ESG terms and acronyms

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17 December 2020 IiAS: COVID Relief and vaccinations set to dominate CSR spends this year

India Inc’s FY20 CSR spends continue the trend of being project driven; FY21 spends to be dominated by COVID-19

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