INSTITUTIONAL EYE Request for comments: Indian Corporate Governance Scorecard 24 Nov, 2021

The IFC-BSE-IiAS Indian Corporate Governance Scorecard benchmarks the best governance practices in line with global practices, while preserving the Indian context. The scorecard is based on the G20/OECD principles of corporate governance. The aim of the scorecard is to provide investors, companies, and other internal and external stakeholders with a mechanism to make a fair assessment of governance practices and make informed decisions. The scorecard is not limited to compliance with local regulations; it enables companies to quantifiably assess their governance practices and undertake reforms, where necessary. The scorecard proposes to raise awareness of good governance practices and standards and provides practical guidance on the steps to be followed to align with global best practices. The scorecard was rolled out in 2016.

IiAS proposes to update the IFC-BSE-IIAS Indian Corporate Governance Scorecard in light of the changes in regulations and practices in India. These changes are based on the feedback of companies and investors, and our own experiences of benchmarking practices of listed Indian companies. We believe while these changes are meaningful. And while these do not materially change the scoring, they will help sharpen the analysis and thereby create stronger differentiation across companies.

Please send your comments to on or before 31 December 2021.

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